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This is my little haven on the web. It is dedicated to myself, things I create, and things I love. It exists as a creative outlet, but also as a way to share myself and my interests with other people. I want to leave my little mark on the Web and on the minds of others.

This webspace is constantly growing and changing. Pages may be completely isolated and hidden with no link to them, while other links may go nowhere. It is an ever shifting labyrinth that spreads every second.

Warning: This website contains autoplay, and may trigger epilepsy. This website is not optmized for mobile viewing, and I view it in Chrome with 1920x1080 screen resolution. I am in the process of making all images screenreader compatible, and transitioning away from hotlinking.

If you like my site, feel free to add my button to your page. Thank you.

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11.6.2020 · Apologies for not updating frequently anymore, I am extremely busy with preparing for both college and top surgery. I will try to update at least once every week. Might make a diary page again, will update my dream journal, and will work on shrine pages.