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"Don't you think dreams and the Internet are similar? They are both areas where the repressed conscious mind vents."

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This page serves as a transcribed version of my dream journal. I exercise my right to redact whole entries or segments of dreams, which will be indicated by "REDACTED". I record my dreams immediately after waking, so my typing or speech depending on mode of recording may be slurred, resulting in segments of entries that are "UNINTELLIGIBLE".

I believe that the practice of remembering and recording dreams is extremely important. Dreams are an insight into the mind and soul of a person. These are the places you go, the scenarios you imagine, and the thoughts you have when you are completely limitless. Dreams show your greatest hopes. Dreams show your greatest fears. Dreams cast light on parts of yourself you need to appreciate, and parts you need to fix.

Dreams are also a way to communicate. You may be visited by entities in your dreams, as during a dream state you are most receptive to external forces wanting to talk to you or show you something. If you're lucky (or maybe unlucky), they might just grab your hand and take you with them into the unseen world beyond your own little bubble. With enough practice, maybe you can even get to that world by yourself.

Dreams can also just be fun escapes. So don't analyze my especially shallow dreams too deeply, haha.


I was playing a Yakuza game, but it was a lot more homoerotic than the games already are. There was a scene where Kiryu and Majima kissed while the screen was pink and there were flower petals and shit, like that kinda anime bullshit.

I was biking to school but decided to stop at the library. I lost track of time and ended up staying there for hours. I rushed back outside to try to bike to school again and approached a Mcdonalds parking lot. I passed Quinton and smiled at him, and he smiled back at me. I passed a Neanderthal girl and her family.

I went to an amusement park on water and ditch the people I was going with because they were being mean to me. I went through a walk through attraction with animatronic dinosaurs. Nobody else going through the attraction liked it. I went up to the very end of the park, and it turns out the whole thing is being pulled by a big seaplane. I go inside the plane because seeing the mechanics of it is also an attraction, but all of a sudden the plane detaches and starts flying upwards.

The pilot says myself and the others need to emergency exit the plane, and asks me to open a tiny hatch in the corner of the front of the plane. The hatch is about 6 inches tall and a foot wide, with rounded corners. It is on the boundary between the walls and floor, and is curved lengthwise to follow the curve of this part of the plane. Somehow people are able to squeeze through it though. The first person to go through it is Vin Diesel. Once everyone else goes through the hatch except myself and the pilot, the pilot says he can actually land safely now.

When he lands on the boardwalk-type structure that all the amusement park is on top of (which is floating somehow even though it isnt attached to any solid bottom) and I get out of the plane, everyone is crowding us asking what happened. I push my way through them. As I make my way towards the other side of the park, I see Arlene. She asks me about her husband, who I happened to see in both the dinosaur attraction and the plane ride. I inform her that I don't know what part of the park he landed in when he exited the plane, but that during the dinosaur attraction I saw him displaying romantic body language with another woman. She is devastated.

I was at a Disney park. I was interacting with a character who was inexplicably either a Disney owned WWE wrestler or a Disney character that was supposed to be exactly like a WWE wrestler. He was like a cross between Seth Rollins and Rodrick Heffley? We were heavily flirting. I then went to a different area of the park and saw "The Kermit Queen", a woman with a blonde bob wearing a ball gown and giant crown that had a Kermit pattern on them.

I was stepping onto tabletops in a mall food court and hopping from table to table. I don't remember much about this, but I do remember an ominous message that was sung to me repeatedly. "I am the god... That people believe in... That ends the world... At the end of the Bible."

I was driving along a narrow path near a park. Suddenly, from around the corner, a bison began charging down the path. I drove up onto the steep side of the path, and the bison narrowly stampeded past my vehicle. Unfortunately, another bison came down the path and began charging towards me. I turned my vehicle around and began speeding down the path until i could turn another corner. As I turned the corner, the bison kept going forward. I was safe. I went into the park that the path circled and looked at the group of protesters. I don't remember what they were protesting... but I remember being mad at them.

I was participating in a group interview for a job at a Sanrio owned(?) hospital. The woman interviewing the applicants was dressed up like Aggretsuko. I didn't end up getting the job, but my girlfriend did so I was happy for her.

I for some reason needed to go to a hospital and stay there for a while. I might have gotten some sort of surgery, but I don't know. The first nurse assigned to assist me was horrible, not attending to me at all and being transphobic to me. I [REDACTED] and then left. I went to a different hospital that was run by bears. The bears wore little aprons and took good care of me and were very nice.

I was being chased by something through a school. I ran and ran until morning broke. I went into my on campus bedroom and got a journal out of a night stand, which was from when I was in 2nd grade. The journal detailed crimes that I committed at that time [REDACTED] that banned me from mortuary careers in the future. I then looked for a way out of the school.

I was watching a video essay on Youtube by [REDACTED]. It was about a snowboarding game, but I don't remember what the big brained take was. I do, however, remember that at some point in the video [REDACTED] referred to the background crowds as "mondo groupies".

I was watching some sort of official Twilight product, either just Twilight by itself or Twilight with some sort of director's commentary. It featured a segment where three scarves that were parts of various characters constumes appeared in little boxes with their characters' names labelling the boxes. A narrator asked something along the lines of "Who will Bella choose? Jacob? Edward? Or God?" The leftmost scarf was labelled God, followed by Edward then Jacob.

I was walking around Disney participating in a World of Darkness Live Action Role-Playing event. I was playing my character Johannes. The park was decorated for the occasion, very spooky-like. I was hanging out around the Haunted Mansion when I spotted [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. We began interacting, and I remember them telling me to open a nearby mailbox to recieve a secret delivery.

I was interviewing for a job at a combination bowling alley and [REDACTED]. I had apparently interviewed before, because the woman getting ready to interview me was like "Oh you again?" She was a very poor interviewer, but that just worked to my advantage, as it was easier for me to be confident. She liked me and sent me to see the boss of the bowling alley. He [REDACTED] which I couldnt decide if I [REDACTED]. He gave me the job.

I remember nothing else about this dream except that someone was telling me I needed to build a 300(?) feet tall limestone tower.

I was texting my friend Vi about what to do for their birthday party. They wanted my advice for a fun thing to do. I suggested a bowling party.

I unfortunately remember very little of this dream, and I was not very generous with details in my half asleep recording in my phone notes. I was seated in a school classroom, must have been elementary school as the desks were in "table" groups. My parents were with me. Nobody wanted us to sit next to them. We were all watching a movie. Afterwards, I talked about insurance with someone in a trailer at a trailer park.

Myself and a group of masked revolutionaries were invading a giant mansion complex. It was like a bunch of mansions attached to eachother? We were running through the complex smashing everything in sight and [REDACTED]. A very Midwestern looking middle-aged white woman who lived in the mansion tackled me to the ground, pinning me. She was attempting to strangle me as I repeatedly [REDACTED] trying to [REDACTED] or get her off of me, but she was too resilient and didn't react at all. As we fought, she recited basic pinterest quotes and bible scripture.

There was a group of authors who came together to write mystery/romance books together. The novels were frequently very successful, but there were two unique aspects to them. Firstly, they were divinely inspired by Venus/Aphrodite herself. Anything Venus dictated had to go in the books. Secondly, the authors did not make their involvement in their creations public. They would, for a large sum, sell their novels to a man who then published them under his name. Their most recent book was about a mortal turned goddess of love, created by Venus, to govern the domain alongside her. However, as the deal was being struck with the buying man, Venus stepped in to request a change. Aphrodite thought that the goddess character should be transgender, having been assigned male at birth. The council asked the man if he would still buy the novel with this change, and he agreed. The book was sold.

I was in a pocket circuit championship race with [REDACTED]. She suddenly stabbed me and ran out of the room into the rest of the building, which happened to be a school. A man helped stabilize me and get me to a hospital. I wasn't recovered really because it was the same day but after a while at the hospital I got up and went back to the school. When I got there I saw a girl performing some sort of citizens arrest on [REDACTED] and saying she was going to take her to the police station. She led her to an elevator and got themselves in. As the door was closing, she began to smile and I realized she was actually [REDACTED]'s accomplice. I took a special hidden Doom-themed helicopter after them. A door opened beneath it, putting me below the school and able to fly (yes, this spacially makes no sense). I caught them.

I was assisting a family friend in being a replacement actress for Cinderella and Ariel at an event being held by my family. I [REDACTED] as she rode into and around the property. The crowd was not a fan of our performances. After I finished, my grandmother was very insistent on me trying one of the many biscuits she baked for the event. I continuously declined.

My girlfriend and I were doing some sort of interactive event together at a museum. There was a table with cyllindrical plexiglass tubes full of soil, and we were "planting" grubs in them. The grubs were very much alive, but we were planting them. I don't know what they were supposed to grow into. I was pushing them into the soil with such force that a blood blister formed on my thumb. My thumb dully ached when I woke up.

I was running away from an undead horde when I was able to shake them off by climbing a chain link fence and hopping over the barbed wire topping it off. I walked slowly, cautiously, through a field of tall golden grass. I came upon a large barn, made of unpainted brown wood that varied in shade due to weathering. It looked old and deserted, but I could hear people inside. I entered through a side door above which was a sign that stated you could only enter alone, and found myself in a dressing room of sorts. The ground was dirt, but around the corner the real floor started and I saw the source of the noise. There was a great amount of people, anywhere from 50-100. They were all brides. Dressed as brides or actual brides, I do not know. Their faces and bodies looked identical, they faced the same direction, and they danced a square dance in complete sync, never touching their many partners. In the center of the dance was a bride different than the rest. Her face and actions were still identical to the rest of the brides, but no one would spin with her. She stayed completely solo in the middle. Her bridal gown and veil were black instead of the other brides' white.

I was exiting a class when [REDACTED] began walking in. Upon seeing me, she immediately turned around and began leaving. I got up too fast, my chair screeching on the floor. Without grabbing my things, I began pursuing her throughout the halls. I was furious, and, unlike most of my dreams, this one was mainly Point Of View. I don't quite understand what I looked like, but I know my eyes were shooting daggers, my anger on plain display at an unimaginable level. My face felt foreign due to the strain. [REDACTED] eventually stops, and tries to explain [REDACTED]. My blood boils. I get closer, and I know I am about to get violent.

I was exploring a dungeon. In the first room was a large red dragon, which I defeated. I went through the door it was blocking into a room full of skeletons and villagers. When the villagers talked to the skeletons they would drop a bone, which I needed according to the map I was using. After they stopped talking, I defeated all the skeletons. In the next room I needed to find a specific book that was about "tough love from moms".

I was in a classroom in a Catholic school. [REDACTED] was there. She was talking about some shit that didn't matter and made a girl cry. I went up to the teacher and asked her if she could answer some questions [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] went up to her and was too shy to say anything. She said if she wanted to be on a talk show, she needed to be able to talk. Then we had donuts or something, I don't remember.

I was barefoot, and racing against a girl in Las Vegas. I was ahead of her for the first stretch, but she started pulling ahead of me. Part of the race went through a giant hotel for cats, and we had to climb and jump over them. I pulled ahead again, and spun around one of the cat trees. In front of me was [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

Something about ghost hunting and deciding that "if we are going to be going ghost hunting, these ghosts better scare us half to death".

I was at [REDACTED]'s house. Somehow the topic came up that [REDACTED]. They ordered me to change my clothes, were yelling at me, and were recording me. They sent the video [REDACTED]. There were other problems [UNINTELLIGIBLE] church there and there was like a Splatoon-esque war/battle going on. I volunteered to take part, but a couple of [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

I was in an unknown location and [REDACTED] was there. I was feigning friendliness to try to get him to tell me his social media usernames, where he worked, et cetera so I could then block and avoid him completely. After he got up to do something and left his phone unattended, I grabbed it to try to root around for his social media. When he came back and noticed me on his phone, he snatched it from my hands, acting very flustered. I assumed it was because perhaps he had talked about me before on those platforms and didn't want me to see what he had said.

[REDACTED] was talking about how she liked to shout about "the web". I got the feeling this was not about the world wide web. She liked doing this before going to craft stores (where she wanted to find a shiny spray paint). Someone at the store assumed she was using the word "web" as some sort of leftist slang, [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

A horse galloping in the wind. It got swept off its hooves, and then galloped on the wind itself.

I was explaining Christian denominations and heresies to [REDACTED]. Then my [REDACTED] approached me crying, and they came out to me as a trans man. He told me his chosen name was Ben. He laid his head in my lap for comfort as he told me that he had gotten into a huge fight with his parents. He had injured himself at a pride rave (which explained the rainbow kandi) and had to ask his parents to come pick him up, causing them to see what event he had been at. They did not take it well, so he fled. His parents then arrived where we were, and continued trying to harass him. I was protective and defended him, and they eventually left.

Was at a party with my girlfriend [REDACTED] and then we found out that [REDACTED] was going to be there playing in a band so we left.

Was trying to enter the boys bathroom at a school but was getting hate crimed [REDACTED] Dexter had the ability to turn his body into a portal, so he was trying to teleport me to safety. He could also change reality or something?

"Google dnd mortal combat guy" was all I wrote down for this one and I have no idea what it means.

Shaggy and I were walking around a boardwalk and asking tourists "Hey, you shop around here?" and then we'd ask if they would like to have a vendor on the boardwalk that sold things from different artisans. Then we would ask if we could give them something, handing them a slip of paper that said something along the lines of "You're our boss now" which would confuse them, but we would just leave. We did that to a group of cute boys, then to some jock. Both groups then joined our business. We were talking and relaxing in a park by the boardwalk when we overheard two men use our weird sales pitch grift. We confronted them for stealing our shit, but they denied it and ran away. I think we were also like faking being a Christian charity or something because the girlfriend of one of them men said something like "You don't really believe in anything, do you?" I responded that [REDACTED] and then I somehow knew that her boyfriend was a Pisces [REDACTED].

I was playing a combination of Zigity and soccer. I had to attach a yellow zip tie to a metal chain that was on the goal post to indicate that we were no longer immune to a certain game feature...?

Watched a movie about a chicken, Sonic, and Garfield.

A/N: This is the earliest dream I remember from this night, and before I went to sleep I had performed a Walpurgisnacht ritual to travel in my sleep. I believe this dream may be the result. / Two hares stood before me. The left black, the right white. They told me something, but I don't remember what. Something starting with an m? Some sort of advice. I think at some point there was like a group of child spirits who were transparent and tinged green, but that might have been a different dream.

I was betting on my life against Death. We played an unknown game. The game was played on a very big table, which was covered with a stark white rubberized tarp. One person would cover their eyes while the other person poured oil all over the table. They would then put very small stark white cubes on the oiled tarp. The other particpant would then look, find, and pick up the cubes if they could spot them. This would go in turns until one person couldnt spot all the cubes. I beat death at this game, and continued living.

I was in the men's bathroom of a college. There was a cute rockabilly Bōsōzoku boy with a leather jacket and pompadour. I complimented those two aspects of him, and he complimented me in return. He asked if I would like to hang out with him and his roommate at his dorm, and I accepted. He led me to his room, and his roommate teased him. The room wasnt exactly dirty in terms of like gross, but it was extremely disheveled and messy. Piles of things cluttered every surface and coated the floor.

This dream took place in a sort of steampunk and cyberpunk esque future. I was at a school, and was getting ready for my ballet class when I noticed I didn't have my leotard and tights. The school was attached to another building which somehow housed the outside world. Maybe it was like a portal? I went through into the society to try to find a store that sold what I needed. When I did, my friend Mia texted me that she was worried for me. I told her I would be fine. I passed a cute lolita shop, which didn't have any plain tights. I went to a costume shop, and they too somehow did not have the tights I needed. I found a big leotard factory, and all the workers were women.

They told me that to get a leotard I had to make a "copy" of myself. They gestured towards a conveyor belt, which I warily walked onto. When I did, some sort of force caused me to fall on my back, my head on its side, completely immobilized. The conveyor belt moved me along a sort of manufacturing line. First, a big bucket poured hot molten wax onto me. It did not burn, but slightly stung, like a slightly too hot shower. I could still see for some reason. Next, A metal mold press began coming down from above me to press me into a certain shape. I was terrified that it was going to kill me as I noticed I was not in the correct shape, but it seemingly slid through my body like butter with no resistance or pain, and my body was completely unharmed. When it lifted up from me, I saw that the wax that had coated my body had filled the mold. I reached the end of the line, and could move again. I got up and took a leotard and left.

Touching my pockets, I realized I was too broke to buy the tights I needed. To earn the money, I accepted some sort of shady delivery job. A man was sent with me to help, and we took a package through many alleyways and narrow passages. We finally reached a big industrial room with a door in the back. I opened the door and, behind it, was space. In that impossible section of space was a spaceship. It had blasters pointed right at us, with green energy crackling and charging up within them. I quickly slammed the door, and told my partner we needed to escape out the side garage door. He began trying to lift it, but even with his enhanced mechanical prosthetic arm he could not. He panicked, and shouted the command for what I guess was a sort of self destruct mechanism he had implanted in his head in the event that he would be cornered in a situation like this. I saw a cartoonish x-ray view of the inside of his head, where there was a sort of spanner shaped object.

It rapidly expanded, and the cartoonish x-ray view gave way to metal exploding from the top of his skull and down through his now broken and dislocated jaw. Instead of firing their laser, the space pirates began pounding on the door. Full of adrenaline, I managed to lift the garage door. As I lifted it up and turned around to drop it, the space pirates had broken into the room and were rushing towards me. I dropped the door, but before it reached the ground I saw one of the space pirates cutting my partner in half with a massive sharp instrument, like a straight version of a guillotine blade. The sight was so grisly that it revulsed me into waking up.

I was at a Catholic school. The school colors must have been blue and white, because that's what a lot of the building was. I accidentally broke school rules by bringing one of my knives with me to school, and I had to coordinate working with teachers to hand it over. There was more to this dream, but I neglected writing it down for some stupid reason and now I can't remember.

I was skateboarding in the rain with my parents. My skateboard was made of plastic wrap. We were trying to get to my girlfriend's house, but we stopped at the library first to see some sort of Garfield exhibit. There were a bunch of fan-made strips that resembled right-wing political cartoons, and [REDACTED]. The worst strip had a female, human-bodied Garfield with huge boobs. I asked the guy [REDACTED]. He scoffed at me and told me to read more Garfield.

I was at my cousin's house and [REDACTED] was on a phone call with Gene Simmons trying to prove to us that he was actually the voice of Olaf from Frozen. Something involving a kiss, I don't remember.

eBay was a myspace-like social media site that went under. However, people discovered that you could still access and use it if you put its url into the web archive with "inspect 100px".


I was attending a party of the rich and famous in a top floor event space/apartment or something in a city. I was hired to be on the lookout for the ghost of [REDACTED]. He appeared, and everyone went apeshit. Somehow we ended up in a gym, and his ectoplasm coated one of the doorways. When the group noticed this, they formed a line and started stampeding all around the room. I had to ask one of my bodyguards to create a portal and lead them to it to teleport them out of my way. Once that was taken care of, I went through the doorway and ended up in a waterpark. I put my camera away into my camera bag and pulled out a small waterproof digital camera so I could continue my spirit photography without being in danger of damaging anything.

My cat Dexter contracted covid-19. We had him tested and recieved the phone call while we were at home.

I was in a school arguing with the teachers against having a weight training class. My parents were called to come to the school because I was getting worked up and for some reason they went through my phone. This caused me to have a crying breakdown and I ran out of the school.

I was kidnapped, along with 3 women, by a woman who forced us to only eat cheese. We were kept in some sort of administrative building of something. There were many odd strict rules, one of which was that we must have bras and shirts on at all times. As an act of rebellion before our planned assault on our captor, myself and two of the women went bare chested to attack the woman. The other woman who had been kidnapped turned on us, and aided our captor in fighting against us. Our captor charged at me with something small... either a scalpel or a pen, something like that. She knocked me to the ground and stabbed into my thigh with the small thin object. One of my allies pushed her off of me and I pulled the small thing out of my thigh and tried to attack her with it, but got rushed by the traitor. At some point we ended up defeating them, [REDACTED].

There was a crowd of people. They climbed a great brownish cobblestone tower like bugs. A phrase was narrated over this scene: "We authored their prophecy." I know that the "We" referred to myself, the speaker, and the climbers. I do not know who the "They" of the Tower is, nor do I have an idea of the Prophecy.

I can only remember one segment of this nightmare. I was walking around and saw a flooded lake or parking lot or something, and some cops were at the edge of the flooded area trying to persuade Dexter, who was struggling in the water, to come towards them with dried fish. I jumped into the water and swam over to him and held him up and told the cops he was my cat, and I swam to shore with him.

I had very long hair and was wearing a big chunky knit cardigan. I was in middle school...? My teacher said she saw my dad at the "bottle shop" and he told her that people call me "Mom" and she asked if that was true. I said no, nobody calls me "Mom". "In fact," I said, "he asked me this morning if people called me Mom and I said no." She was like "Ohhhhh haha okay glad I asked!" I was extremely embarrassed.

I was at a concert for a band similar to Black Dresses. My mom was with me. It started storming very bad and the concert was cancelled because of this. I don't remember what happens in between this and the next part, but during this time my mom just became irrelevant or got seperated from me or something. The landscape was completely changed by the storm... It was a great stretch of mud, as far as the eye could see. Hills and hills, dotted by great tall spires. All made of mud. The mud piled high, as if it had become the Earth itself. As if no solid ground existed below it, and it was mud all the way to the core. A pale skinned girl with brown hair in little pigtails with bangs and little dyed red pieces that hung down the sides of her face was in front of me. She was nude, as was myself and the group of people struggling to climb a hill and sliding around in the distance. She stood still, her feet together, allowing herself to sink into the mud. She kept sinking until she was stuck, at which point she began wriggling her body to dig her body deeper into the mud. She was creating a tunnel nearly straight down, just the size of her body. The mud was very thick, so it did not collapse in on her... She told me to follow her, to create a tunnel of my body next to hers. I told her no, I was too scared. She began getting angry, insisting that I needed to become "a Hag of the Earth to survive".

The school day was over and I needed a ride home. I accepted the offer of a ride from a dark-skinned man with short hair who was wearing a green letterman's jacket. He drove me about halfway home, then we stopped to get some fast food. We sat at a table next to eachother and across from a stranger, who was an old pale-skinned man with thinning/balding hair. The guy who was driving me ate spicy chicken wings, while I ate french fries. [REDACTED]. While we were eating, I got a very stern text from my father, who had realized that I did not wait for him to pick me up and instead had someone else drive me. He was mad that I had potentially put myself in danger taking a ride from someone I did not know, and insisted I ride the rest of the way home with him as he had parked himself in the parking lot of the restaurant. I told the man who was driving me that my father was very upset with me and I would be riding the rest of the way home with him. The man looked sad, and we parted ways.

I was playing Vampire: The Masquerade with [REDACTED]. I remember I said something to her, and she started crying with relief.

A group of people and I had to walk through a bunch of hotels which had casinos and strip clubs inside them. We had to find cats that were hiding in the megabuilding to earn points for some sort of game. As we walked, I noticed that I was barefoot and had something growing inside my foot. There was a red itchy painful circular lump, and as much as I squeezed it, I couldnt pop whatever it was.

I was being chased by [REDACTED] through a mall. I managed to find a small green sliding barn door towards the ground in a corner of the mall, and I slid it open and hasily crawled through the opening. The door teleported me to a Canadian house with very whimsical similarly brightly colored furniture. Living in the house were "Mother" and "Sister". Both were pale skinned with black hair, Sister was chubby and Mother's hair was a flippy bob. They promised to help me stay away from [REDACTED]. I felt something was off, and went into the house's bathroom. This bathroom had a window that teleported you somewhere else. Mother knew that I was plotting to go through it, and as I ran and shut the door of the bathroom behind me she chased after me. I closed the door before she got to me, and began climbing on top of the toilet to unlatch the window. She was screaming and banging her fists against the door, and I got down from the toilet. I chanted something that I knew would compulsively stun her, then threw the bathroom door open and raced past Sister. She didn't seem to want to chase me like Mother was. I went back through the green barn door, back into the mall.

My dad was on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. He and Guy were eating bagels that had a really garlic-y spread on them.

I was immersed in some sort of video game centered around the plague, like Pathologic. I had to find a place to sleep for the night that 1) had an open bed, 2) wasn't infected and 3) wasn't turned into a morgue. I was dodging plague rats while running around looking for a bed.

I met [REDACTED]. They were really exhausted and not feeling it, but I tried to be understanding and everything since they are a human being who is assumedly very busy. I sat next to them on a little foldable chair and a photographer took our picture for me. I thanked them for their time and walked off.

I was in a huge mansion that had a bunch of different parties going on. I met two cute girls and got them to exchange cards with me, which had our names, occupations, and phone numbers on them. I changed into a priest costume and moved into a different room which was a Halloween party. [REDACTED].

I was with some sort of lover and Chanel and [REDACTED] and we were all trying to break out of a Russian or otherwise Slavic cult country thing. I had ended up there because [REDACTED]. I took over driving, but we were balanced on a precarious ledge and we fell off. We survived, but the car was destroyed and on fire. I couldn't immediately get to my phone or anything because of the fire and the danger of explosion. I got seperated, and ended up in some sort of school compound thing. I communicated secretly with the people I mentioned at the start via little notes that we passed to eachother in the bathrooms where there were no cameras. The stalls were short enough that only the bottom half of your body was covered. [REDACTED] so we could read my note from [REDACTED] together. [REDACTED] snuck my stuff into the compound, and the plan was to hide it in floor vent ducts that I could open up and reach into during a school play. There would be banner backgrounds up, which would block me from view so I could open them up. However, one of the ducts was not protected in this way, but it was the duct with my phone in it. I tried to sneakily open it and get my phone out. I did get my phone, but the headmistress saw me do it and made threatening looks at me to signal that she was onto me and the game was on. After my lover was killed somehow I stuck by [REDACTED], and he would carry me around and make sure to protect me (he was a local so he had more social status). Eventually we all got together in a big truck and ran away. A girl that came with us brought a litter of kittens she couldn't bear to leave behind.

I was buying things at a mall and was going to donate some money to a store that worked with a cat shelter but couldn't remember their name. I had to run from the "donation kisok" all over to find the store to get the name of it then run back to the kiosk and relay the name.

I was at [REDACTED]'s birthday party. It was being held in a big mansion that was also some sort of HQ or office building for his family's company. [REDACTED]. Eventually everyone left the party but I stayed for some reason. I wandered upstairs to the office building, and was then trying to find the stairs back down. A tall white guy who was also a toad (maybe he transformed into a human at some point? I just know that he was also a toad) told me I had to slide down the like architectural beams in order to get back down to the first floor. I started trying to do that until a woman came by and yelled at him for doing such a prank that would endanger my life. I went and found HR to report this incident to them with the woman. We then went to where the stairs were supposed to be, but they had been deconstructed as part of the rapid construction going on in the office. The floor was thin and brown paper bag esque with exposed plywood boards. The red-headed woman who was head of HR was suicidal and was attempting to step on a part of the floor that would rip so she would fall to the floor below (which probably wouldn't have killed her in reality but dream logic). She sang as she walked along. I screamed at her to stop and tried to grab her. She crossed in front of me, where I was walking on a solid beam instead of the paper, and went onto the paper on the right side of my beam. There was a hole in the paper close to the wall, which she began going through. I grabbed her by the hair, preventing her from falling through. I stuck my other arm into the hole to grab her by the armpit and hoist her back up through the hole. She ragdolled at this point, silent and catatonic. I realized that trying to save her was making me dangerously close to falling off my little secure plank, so I slid her across the floor paper and began walking along the beam again instead of checking on her.

I had to remove a curse that had been cast on two of my Bound. The sure sign of this curse was a giant blood blister underneath the skin of a single hand's pointer fingertip. However, on Clara, one of my cursed bound, it manifested differently. I held her hand in mine to examine it, and she had two seperate blood blisters. One on the normal pointer finger, but another on the middle finger next to it.

I was being interrogated at [REDACTED]. Using my fingers, I grabbed and ripped out an organ that was attached to my tongue web. The theory was that this organ, new in human evolution, had been bred into us by the government to record our conversations.

I was hanging out with my girlfriend [REDACTED] but then [REDACTED] showed up on my doorstep unannounced. I hid in the attached garage. [REDACTED]


I was taking a bath when a bunch of my teeth began falling out. I got up and looked in the mirror, and noticed that underneath the molars that were falling out were bandages from my oral surgery. I removed them, and teeth kept falling out afterwards.

We found a starving kitten on the street. We took it home and put it in the laundry room so it would be seperated while we rehabilitated it. I set out three little plates, one with milk, one with water, and one with kibble.

I was attending a culinary college with [REDACTED]. I confronted her. No other details were recorded.

"Cult of Audrey (Peter?)" No other details were recorded, and I honestly have no idea what this dream was. I remember nothing about it.

I was attending some sort of group therapy. It was myself and two other people. The three of us were known witches, so the therapist suggested we connect over this shared interest by throwing a "stick party" (which was just to talk about sticks?) I had a basket next to me that I guess I carried around often that had three smoothed down sticks and a bird skull inside, so I was very excited for the scheduled "stick party". I began walking home with one of the people. She had medium dark skin with a warm undertone, monolid eyes, and dark hair that was cut into a bob. She wore a big cardigan over her Catholic college uniform. Attempting to be friendly, I asked her "what kind of witch" she was. She replied that she was mostly an "air witch", and she mentioned that she believed you needed the consent of all magical objects involved in your work before you could do magic with them. I said something along the lines of "Hmm, interesting!" and then we arrived at my house. We looked up into the sky and saw giant Mantines flying in the clouds. We were very surprised, because obviously they should be in the water not the sky.

I was attending Miku Expo. It was set up so that multiple performances were happening at the same time on different elevated stages throughout a giant room as part of an ARG. You needed different resources to "check-in" to the concert. You got these resources by looking at a glowing map on the wall that showed different spots in the room where you could dig up a hole of blueberries and fossils, or shake a tree to make things fall out of it. I dug up one of the blueberry caches so I could use the blueberries to attend a Len performance across from the Miku I was by. I was picking up the blueberries and shoving them into a little bag on my hip.

I visited a Hindu temple to meet up with two women I was in a throuple with who were worshipping there. The building was very beautiful, with warm orange and clay tones.

A ghost was following me throughout a school. I needed to release its spirit by destroying the object it was attached to. It was attached to a reel of black and white film that was deep in the school archives. The media archives were in a little room off to the side of a large lecture hall. A lecture was going on, which I burst into as the ghost was chasing me. I borrowed a lighter from a student, rushed into the archives, grabbed the film, and walked into the center of the lecture hall and lit it on fire. The ghost dissipated, and I scooped up its ashes and fed it to two women in the lecture hall [REDACTED].

I murdered a substitute teacher who was plotting to kill another teacher.

I was performing in a musical about money. Only one person could sing one note at a time, which we had to share between our bodies. We passed the note/singing ability between eachother by kissing. We each filled out a consent form beforehand saying yes or no for kiss permission for each person in class.

I was attending a charity Lil Nas X concert, which instead of having an opening band had an opening ballet performance. The troupe consisted of all children, and they did a performance about being trans.

A pin in each limb would cause you to be able to be controlled by the Other Mother. She controlled my dog or cat, I don't remember which one, to get me in a situation where she could put the pins in me. She put a great amount of pins inside and under the skin of the head of them so she could control them. I went to pet their head, and the pins were pushed up through their skin and into my hand. I was in excruciating pain, but kept putting my hand back on their head to try to get the pins out.


I was in some sort of research compound with a group of scientists. The whole compound was made of smooth metal, and it was pitch black throughout the building. There were creatures lurking in the dark that were out for our blood. I was in charge of two buttons attached to two companion cubes, one of which sent a wave throughout the compound that hurt the creatures, and the other which sent a healing wave throughout the compound to heal my own group in the place we had taken over as well as the other groups of scientists being attacked throughout the building.

I was in a house with a group of other people. I don't remember much about this dream, but I know that leading up to this point myself and the other people were held captive and we led a revolt against our captors. We were then celebrating with a feast. I was next to a cute boy who was talking to me about the situation.

I was going through TSA screening at some sort of in-airport [REDACTED] and was flirting heavily with the Santa working there. My cousins were all there, and there was some ruckus about [REDACTED] hollowing out a lump below his nose that was now a cavern that could stretch enough for the kids to fit in. He had large open cavities on the top of his nostrils, like if you stretched a nostril piercing.

AN: This dream happened while I was taking (prescribed) Percoset for my top surgery. I had to travel through time and through a bunch of places to find objects and signs that had a letter of the alphabet on them, and sequentially through them into the ocean. A group of teens was helping me with this task. I threw a sign with a Z on it, the last letter needed, into the ocean. The curse broke. I was holding both hands with a man who had shaggy blonde hair, rejoycing that the curse was broken even if we lost many teens along the way. But suddenly, I felt invisible strings pull from my fingertips attaching themselves to the other teens who were looking out over the ocean from the viewing platform. Some of them started trying to climb over it to throw themselves in, and I had to pull my hands towards me to tug the strings to yank them backwards. I knew I was responsible for their lives and the curse was not over.

CATS (2020)
A movie was being made that combined Vampire: The Masquerade, Cats, Pathologic, and a 1920s animated anthropomorphic animal movie that does not exist in real life. I was acting in it, but the VTM aspect was like... real? And I out of character swiped at one of my coworkers with my big sharp claws and cut across their cheek. They ran off. It was time for Mr Mistoffelees' entrance. Red velvet curtains were pulled back in front of me, although they were tiny and floating and just disappeared as they were pulled. A spotlight appeared within the invisible tiny box with a click. A flat jpg of a tuxedo cat gradually materialized in the spotlight, as a jingling music softly played and a meow echoed through the room. After a brief moment, the cat dematerialized, fading into nothingness. The spotlight clicked off.

I was repeatedly riding a new ride at Disney World that was The Lion King themed.

Nightmare about my breasts growing back. [REDACTED].

Nightmare where I woke up with only 15 minutes to spare before needing to leave for orientation. I still had to take the Mario Kart placement test with mom. I was in 2nd until the second half of the last lap, when I suddenly was knocked down to a position below 7th, which put me in the lowest skill Mario Kart class.

I was living in some sort of college dorm. Someone made me vegan sausages, which I took a bite of, but they were so revolting that I immediately vomited all of it into a big trash can. Everyone was staring at me because it was fucking embarrassing.

"[REDACTED] boarding school"?

I went to a school which doubled as an institution for vampires and an institution for non-vampires. The non-vampires didn't know we were bloodsuckers, and were basically just there for us to play with and prey on. I was throwing a party celebrating my embrace, and after fumbling with an aux I left to go get some pizza for the party. As I walked to the on campus pizza parlor, I contemplated if I should taste blood for the first time from my own kill. I decided murder was too difficult to get away with, and I should just get the blood from someone else's source. I said hello to a man with dark curly hair who I was on ambiguiously positive terms with who worked at the pizza place. I hugged him tightly. I somehow around here got lost in an apartment attached to the pizza place, where I scared a little girl. Her dad found us from her scream, and showed me the way out. The way out was a trap, though. I was on rollerblades, and he had pointed me to a staircase that, once I went down it, became a ramp. It led outside the building, and the ramp was aimed to have me rollerblade up over the roof of the pizza place. The roof was decorated with a big taxidermy or replica great white shark, because the pizza place was ocean themed. I was terrified and knew that at this height with nothing to break my fall I would die, or at least completely shatter my bones. However, after soaring through the air and finally landing, I was unharmed due to my new and improved vampire physiology.

I was babysitting in a hotel or something, and got into an argument with Dad about the things he had packed in my suitcase. I mentioned that the entertainment things (books, cassettes, etc) were really just things he liked, not things I wanted. I really got harsh about it. He grabbed a tiny [REDACTED] and began [REDACTING] while I screamed at him to stop. He then procured a bone saw and began cutting through his own jaw.

[REDACTED]. I went apeshit and clobbered her. I held something to her throat. It wasn't sharp, I was threatening to crush her windpipe. I asked her why she did it and she said she didn't know. I asked her why she does this to me and she said to control me. I asked why she wanted to control me and she said she loved me. I beat her to death and left.

I was trying to catch an ice/water type Pokemon and had to run all around to find one inside a school. I found it, but someone was hunting me down. I think this dream started with me having trouble biking to school and being classified as missing?

Animatronic Invader Zim concert, like Chuck E Cheese but much more advanced. [REDACTED] was there and wouldn't stop [REDACTED], so I pushed her back and she fell backwards head first into the row behind her seat. She claimed I exposed bone where a little bleeding cut was, and left. Me and my girlfriend enjoyed the rest of the concert. It was sort of a musical? Like there was a plot. It started with an introduction from Gir, then a scene of Dib waking up.

Big long vampire dream where I was trying to solve some mysteries and shit. Think it was set in the World of Darkness. I found out that my secret admirer was on the opposing side of me/my character (I think it was a LARP but it might not have been) and was a blonde woman who lived in a freezing ocean.

I was biking and noticed an outdoor event going on at a Catholic church. A woman was holding a sign by the road that simply said "Pray". I somehow "couldn't" pray at that moment, so I asked them for "supplies" I "needed" to pray. They gave me some pillar candles, a candle shaped like a gnome, and a stop sign. I was very confused about the stop sign, but accepted their gifts. While shopping at a little store that was like a wooden shack, I noticed [REDACTED] looking out the back door window, also holding his own stop sign. I asked him what he was doing with the stop sign and he said he had stole it and that cops were looking for him, with one cop car even turning down his street as we spoke. I told him about my whole situation, and he asked if I still had the stop sign and I said no. He asked if I "wouldn't mind if I pass on the gift, right?" and gave me his stop sign. This stop sign, however, was cursed. A spirit was attached to it, which appeared as a little pale girl with long black hair and a white dress. She said that I "betrayed" my previous stop sign. I used psychic powers to push her back as she lunged at me, saying "I REJECT YOU" and "I REJECT THE GIFT" until I eventually pushed her onto a bridge that overlooked a raging river. I pushed the spirit into the water which swept her away, and she swore revenge on me.

I was going down an elevator with someone else to different floors of an entertainment building. The different floors could impose limits on you like you were in a video game, so perhaps I was in some sort of advanced VR Second Life type thing? The floor we went to was a dark blue neon bar, and it imposed things on you such as a backstory and a limit to your health. After drinking a few drinks, it would force you to pass out for an hour or two until you suddenly came to next to the elevator.

I did acid and did a ritual to summon Beleth or Belial, I don't remember which.. I had a red candle for summoning and a white candle for protection in front of me. I invoked one of my gods. I had the demon's sigil in front of me in a red liquid (NOT blood) on a piece of paper, as well as painted onto my stomach.

I was plotting to rule the world with a tiny white dog owned by Dolly Parton. The dog drove a little pink motorized kids' Jeep, and she came by my house to pick me up.

I was fighting through a mall to shake [REDACTEd] and [REDACTED] off my trail [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [REDACTED] a secret project.

Something about a combination of Pathologic and Cowboy Bebop. AN: I have never consumed Cowboy Bebop, and know nothing about it.

I flew to some European country to meet a man I had become engaged to. I flew home, and was standing in a gas station when I learned via his mom that he was cheating on me.

Terrifying dream about the military that morphed into a classic home invasion nightmare. I was with Mom, and a skinny blonde teenaged boy was trying to get into the house. He tried the back door first, but I managed to keep him out by locking it quickly and pushing on it. He went around to the front glass screen door and told us he was going to stop trying and go home. He got into his jeep looking car, and revved the engine. I realized in that moment that he was lying, and shouted at my mom that he was going to try to bust the door down by driving into our house. The pets were outside for some reason, so I fumbled and unlocked the door and tried to get them in and off the porch. They all got in except Dexter. He began blazing towards the door, and I thought Dexter was going to die, as he ran towards the door from the sidewalk. Only his paw got ran over, and he managed to still run on the other 3 to where I had still been holding the door open desperately calling for him. I shut the door as quickly as I could and we all ran backwards from the door. It did not shatter the door somehow, instead crunching and bending it. He got out of his car and I realized that we had a key hidden under the doormat (which, IRL, we don't even have) and he was probably going to look for it. Sure enough, before I could get to it, he checked and found the key. He tried opening the door with it, but the door was so broken that the lock was fucked. At this point I was back by the door, pulling it closed as best I could. He grasped the key and thrust it through the gap between the door and the house, trying to stab my arm. I moved my body, trying to dodge out of the way. He attempted to stab me again, this time in my eye. This scared me awake.

Weird dating camp. Threw a posessed cop doll in a tree, and got in trouble for it.


Myself and a group of warriors/magic users/whatever were attacking a monster who was terrorizing a town. It was the detatched head of a dragon, which was white and sparkled like a diamond. It was operaging a great cannon that launched dragon energy blasts from it. One of my team pressed a big button on the cannon, assuming it would shut the cannon down. They were wrong. The button actually released the dragon head from the cannon, and it began levitating and zipping towards us, chomping. I had to shine a laser in its eyes to do damage to it. It transformed into a unicorn, and tried gouging me with it's horn. It split into two unicorns, and they chased me through a house.


I had a massive mermaid room and was befriending a teacher type lady with kids

Got in a massive, violent altercation with [REDACTED]

I had to destroy monsters and artifacts. Two of my team members I went with to fight some sirens got lured and didn't come back to our tent, so I sent another one out to finally kill it. The aquarium they were hiding in was massive and pitch black. I was too scared to do it myself. Another team member had to kill the boiled (the flesh was burnt and bubbling) dismembered arm of my father, which had crawled inside our tent.

I went back to [REDACTED] to get some sort of body fat masculinizing fat procedure. I got muscle implants put into my shoulders.

This was an alternate past where I [REDACTED]. He invited me to a confrontation between myself, him, and his family at a restaurant. I first stopped by a store in the mall complex to buy him apology chocolate and flowers. When I got there, they were all sat at a lazy susan table. I was extremely [REDACTED].

Great-grandpa was actually [REDACTED]. Dad told me as a storm raged outside.

Mom sent me a text that [REDACTED] and she was going to be taking supplements.

AN: This dream was dreamt the night myself and my friends watched the movie Wishmaster. I believe this influenced the content of this dream. I was in a dream within the dream. I was in a bedroom with a long hallway, and it was all fleshy colored pinks and reds, like meat. There was a bed in the center of the room. Little fucked up creatures were chasing after me. These creatures included singer [REDACTED], who was completely nude. Sewing pins were put through her skin, all the way down the front of her body, including her breasts. Multiple pins were put behind her nipples, not as nipple piercings, but BEHIND the nipple area. Although pins were through her nipples as well. I got underneath the covers of the bed, believing that they would protect me. I tried telling myself that because it is my dream, I am in control. And if I am in control, I can make the covers a protective aspect of the dream. I put the covers over me and envisioned them being an unbreakable barrier between me and everything outside of them. The creatures tried to get me, but they couldn't.

I was in a movie (or maybe a video game because there were saves) where I had to steal a bunch of money from some sort of evil museum curator. I ran away to a nearby house. Kids chased after me because the curator told them I was a tour guide or something so that they'd track me down for him. I told them I wasn't who they were looking for, and continued running away through and out of the house. Rodrick Heffley was there in his van, waiting to pick me up. He picked me up and we drove off.


This dream started with me asking [REDACTED] what, if any, Youtubers she watched. She named a well known (in the dream, he isnt real irl) right-wing Youtuber, who had made a video shitting on [REDACTED]. This somehow evolved into getting into a heated argument about the ethics of advertising aimed at children.

My left canine was wiggly, so I grabbed it and tugged to see just how loose it was. The tooth ended up coming out. I thought maybe my adult tooth was WITHIN the possible baby tooth I pulled, but unfortunately the tooth I had pulled was an adult one because the socket was now empty.

I was making some modern art bullshit and needed little cut out pieces of every part of this house that was undergoing major renovations. In my adventures through the delapidated mansion, I came across a rugged backpacker man who was doing the same thing. He was an average height, slightly muscular, with pale skin and short dirty blonde hair. He carried a massive hiking backpack. He asked if I dressed like a vampire often and I said every day. He said people wandering the mansions would often barter with each other for things they needed, and that he would give me a piece of chocolate in exchange for water. In retaliation for the vampire comment, I told him I required two chocolates in exchange for the same amount of water. He agreed, and I mentioned that [REDACTED] and turned his back to me and began walking the opposite way from where I was going. He said something under his breath that he [REDACTED].

Adopted a cat named Flimsy.

Ej got in an argument with her grandma about inclusion policy. She proceeded to send me a forty pound package comtaining a liquid and I was afraid it was an assassination attempt.

I was being chased by a bunch of people who were accusing me of being Bigfoot just so they could abduct me. I screamed as I ran throughout some sort of school/mall complex for help, and eventually a tall and bulky redhead picked me up and put me on his shoulders.)

I was washing a corpse in a garage. I left the corpse unattended for a minute to go do something else in the house (which was large and full of people like they were partying or something). When I came back, I noticed the door was slightly open. I hoped that I just forgot to close it and nobody saw anything, but then the garage door started opening to reveal cops surrounding me.

Went to school library and tried to get access to the rare books, but they made me fill out a bunch of shit first.

[REDACTED] got outed as having [REDACTED] my entire classroom, and we all bonded over it and [REDACTED].

[REDACTED] was trying to [REDACTED] and I was running away and hid in a hotel room, locking it. She slipped comics under it and I grabbed them out of their sleeves and ripped them up and shoved them back out.

Was fucking around a mall and hunting store and hot topic with my girlfriend.

I was kidnapped by kindred at Disney World who were also sort of Animal Crossing characters. I managed to sneak out and run to security at the park and tell them what happened at the same time as someone else, so they believed us and I told them to bring a whole squad. This squad included Absinthe for some reason.

I was in a clear bathroom stall at campus when a man with a gun walked past me. He saw me and I quickly hit the floor but it was too late. He walked away to go shoot a target he deemed more pressing, then on his way back through the hallway shot me in the head. It must have just grazed my skull because if it hit my brain I would have just died on the spot or whatever. I could feel myself losing consciousness as a group of two girls and a man happened upon the bathroom and broke the glass/plexiglass to begin giving me mouth to mouth. It wasnt really mouth to mouth; they lifted my upper body up and would breathe right in front of, without touching, my mouth, nose, then right ear, then left ear, then repeat. I could feel myself being rejuvenated with every breath of air that would enter the place they were focusing on.

Me and my mom and my girlfriend all went on vacation and stayed in a Percy Jackson themed hotel. We went on a walk around the area and saw some sort of lycanthropic creature laying in the street. We took a picture, snuck around it, and went back to the hotel.

Kiryu and Majima were added to Super Smash Bros and I convinced mom to play it with me.

I was on a vacation at [REDACTED]'s lake house with my girlfriend. We were all fine until a gang led by a man who my psyche faceclaimed Bobby Briggs broke into the house and grabbed [REDACTED]. They dragged him outside and threatened me and gf to stay inside. We sat on a couch by the door while outside they [REDACTED]. It was horrible. I told gf I wanted to go out there and stop them but gf agreed it was too dangerous, we didn't want [REDACTED]. Eventually they stopped and came back inside, telling us again by threat to stay inside while they left for a bit. Once they were out of sight, me and gf ran out to the front of the house and saw that they had murdered [REDACTED]. He was in a coffin that had candles on top of it. We mourned, then went back inside. As we sat inside we noticed there was a cop car across the street. I insisted to gf that we call the police, but gf said not to. I did anyways, and told them of what had happened and the cop across the street walked out of his car and into the house. We explained what happened to him as well, and he called backup to the house to wait for the gang to come back. There were maybe 3 or 4 cops waiting with us. When the boys came back into the house and saw the cops, they immediately pulled their guns and began shooting. As all the cops around me were falling, I took a gun off the first cop who was shot and began shooting at the boys. It was misfiring or a bb gun or something because the boys took multiple shots to the head.

There were these demon like humanoid creatures who were hypnotizing everyone and locking them up in a cobblestone dungeon type jail. I pretended to be already zombified and they led me into a cell. I was gaining intel, I guess. I drooled excessively and sat with my legs out and my back hunched over. The woman in front of me noticed I was faking (I forget what gave it away).

"JJBA got a 3d animated movie and dio was so sexy" lol

I was simultaniously watching and tangentially participating in a Supernatural musical episode. It was like I was a ghost or in VR or something, I don't know, I was in the environemnt and could affect it to a certain extent. Dean was in purgatory, which was Las Vegas. If you had been in Purgatory Las Vegas long enough, you would lose your sense of self and turn into a cowboy.

I was at Disney, and there was this huge ride simply called Haunted House. It was terrifying. You go through a bunch of themed rooms and ride in carts that seat 2 rows of 2, and all the carts are attached like a rollercoaster by little swivel things so it's a long snake shape. Somehow an effect is achieved where you can only see the enviornment and set pieces, not the track or the room or anything else. One of the rooms was full of goats, bleating and blaring at you. Another room was set up so it appeared like we were in a little wooden box, and to your right was a gigantic jagged hole in the box where a baby doll's face was pressed up against it, peering in the box with its huge eye. The ride exits into a mall, you step out of the ride vehicle and up through what are like subway stairs. The mall then exits into a themed area that centers around a shipwreck. The actors are ghosts, rusted and oxidized statues, or humanoid clumps of seaweed.

Horrible nightmare that I scared my parents to death. No other details were recorded.

I was dating that one person and Mom was scared and I told her [REDACTED] and I had really wanted to play that arcade game. No other details were recorded.

I was at a VTM LARP. I was in my little flouncy black shirt and was roleplaying as Johannes. I was fighting a Toreador Prince named Florenz Lopez. He had long blonde hair.


I ran away from some evil people chasing me or something and came upon a rural gay bar. "Mario 8x8 punishment." No other details were recorded.

Sonic dinner theater show. Interior styled like a classic diner. The ketchup bottles were shaped like Knuckles. [REDACTED].

I was in a classroom with little desks like in elementary-high school. We were talking about "bias" or some shit aka hate crimes on campus, and some kid started speaking his opinion and said fag. I got up and beat the shit out of him. [REDACTED] was there sitting next to me, and I talked to her like I used to when I guess we were "friends".

I was in some sort of school setting and [REDACTED] was there. She kept [REDACTED] and eventually I snapped and beat the shit out of her. I grabbed her by the arms and flipped her behind me over my head. The teacher asked what the fuck was going on obviously and I explained in tears, screaming, that [REDACTED]. She just sent us on our way to our next class. The same situation repeated in this class, but the teacher was unjustly very upset with me.

Every time I would shift to the side, breast tissue would coalesce into a lump and a boob would form on my chest. Only the left pec did this. I was terrified and didn't know what to do, and was so mad at my top surgeon.


Teleport down toilet to Poptropica. Weird sword making and dice box making content with atheist guy who I hate. No other details were recorded.

I was larping as Johannes. No other details were recorded.


I was attending a county fair. I was ordering pizza because it was the only thing there I would eat. There was a local edgier band playing there that day, so the boy who was manning the pizza trailer was either a part of it or a fan. He had dark skin, a lip ring, and short locs with a black long sleeve band tee. I leaned forward over the counter, getting close to me. He complimented my shirt, and I complimented his piercing.

I was with gf at the aquarium with my family. There were no "frames" or anything to the aquariums, just straight up glass. I was terrified of the sharks. They lunged at you and their enclosures and faces took up your whole vision. I held gfs arm and she said we could avoid that section.

I got another job and was hanging out with my coworkers in a back room. I was telling them about the [REDACTED] at my old job.

Literally just me watching Nirvana videos on Youtube or something.

I was doing grunt work for some kind of gang or organization, but I frequently stood up to them.

You help nature meld with technology. No other details were recorded.

I beat a new Zelda game with Mom.

It was gf's birthday and we were having a big party. I was going around the hosue collecting cards and gifts from everyone.

I was on a field trip at an art museum. [REDACTED] was showing me some cool art in a bible when our teacher said something racist. I got up and was like hey that's fucking racist. A girl also got up and was like yeah that's fucking racist. And we all left. We saw a signed portrait of Donald Trump Jr., but he was wearing a Halloween mask of someone else's face. We came into a chamber that had doors going to different parts of the museum, and I saw Kurt Cobain. I of course walked over to him and he was shouting down the hall "Hey, Courtney! Come here!" And whistling and clapping, trying to get her attention. I think she was supposed to be an employee and he was like surprising her? He continued, "Courtney! I'm in [city]!" He then walked into the administrative office type vestibule we were near and started dialing a number on the phone.

Mom got McDonald's for me and gf, and I brought it upstairs into her house.

I was in a like underground mall complex with [REDACTED]. She kept [REDACTED].

I was in a town that reminded me of Stardew Valley. I was with a group of people on a tour of sorts. We walked across a frozen lake/pond, jumping and balancing on chunks of ice. I almost slipped and fell, but my balance and a girl stretching her arm out saved me. We walked towards a forest, and I continued [REDACTED].

I was at an amusement park of questionable safety, it was on the verge of shutting down. I was on some sort of field trip, I think. I was looking through the grass near a water slide, and the grass was full of beautiful rock formations. One of the rock types were rocks the color and sheen of bismuth, but maybe darker, and they formed in very flat rounded slabs that looked stacked on top of eachother, with skinny middles and wide bases and tops. The other was a long geode that had been opened by "rock ants", ants that made colonies in geodes as normal ants made colonies in the ground.

I was in a giant mall complex where there were no walls and every store was just open in the same gigantic room, like a department store. [REDACTED] was there but it wasnt important. There was a woman with shoulder length black hair in a long black gown leaning her head and arms into one of the bookshelves, sobbing. No one stopped to comfort her, even me, because we were afraid. She began screeching and books and other items started flying around, people ran trying to escape or find shelter. I climbed a bookshelf to reach a window and smashed it open, climbing out to see a bunch of cops swarming the nearby hills with snipers and shit pointed at the building. (A/N: Upon further reflection I am afraid that the spirit in my dream was a bean sí.)

My friends and I were trying to call come together to get gf a really cute gaming setup. At her house she already had a big fancy pc and shit but all she had that was decorative was a light up keyboard and a little mini Miku nendoroid.

A group of friends, monster hunters, and I assembled a team to go on a big voyage to find my friend, I think [REDACTED]. AAt some point we ended up on a massive and I mean massive boat that was created out of some sort of fleshcrafted elephant. It trumpeted and thrashed, knocking a good amount of people off its back and into the depths of the sea. We had to continually fight stuffed bears and work together to rip them apart and throw them in the ocean. Eventually the water ran red with the elephant's blood, and it told me to tell others about it. It wanted to be "a famous piece of art".

I moved to Japan who had instated a bunch of new laws to make things internationally easier. For example all "finished" progress things were green, and [AN: entry ends here. I have no idea what I was going to say or what this dream was about.]

While on a vacation in Florida I was confronted by a group of WoW players after I accidentally doxxed myself to them by opening a link one of them anonymously sent me. I had poisoned one of their members in-game by accident which somehow kicked off a plague spreading (again, in-game). Through my amazing diplomacy skills the leader of the group eventually accepted my apology, crying and hugging me.

I was a werewolf or a Gangrel or something. A man in a forest behind some houses was saying he was a hunter so I transformed my face at him trying to scare him and he began chasing after me as I fully transformed into a wolf and was bounding ahead. A nearby chapel, home to the father of the man, noticed my presence and sent out two hunting dogs. I bit both of their necks, and out came the priest, wielding a sword. I tore into his side, and he recognized defeat and began limping off to the church. I began to question him on if he was attracted to men, which I suppose I was curious about for a previous encounter I no longer remember upon waking, and he refused to give an answer other than he "could see why the Greeks worshiped Adonis".

I was on a cruise ship with Mom and the boat nearly capsized. It tilted and then rocked and we lifted so high up and hit down again so very hard. It did this a few more times but we were okay. We saw some penguins racing for the cruise patrons' entertainment on the deck and thought it was unethical, and one of the penguins slid out of the enclosure and approached a guy.

I was at a like boarding school where everyone was in a club based on their field of interest, which was divised by a personality test. I was sorted into the "tech" club, which made me mad, because I'm not really a stem person and I was more mad that I wasnt sorted into the goth club. Before making my way there I accidentally went along with the theater club to see the massive permanent structures and obstacle courses that were open to them. Note- the professors of the clubs were also super decked out in themed outfits. The theater teachers were in like classic Hollywood getups. Anyway I made my way over to the tech club but the tours were already over so who knows what the tech club even does. A bunch of people were gathered together tinkering at something and I thought God I don't belong here. I filled out a little get to know me sheet.

I was one of a little group of selkies who were looked down upon at a school. In this dream world sea creatures were giant and monstrous and sapient and outnumbered earhtly creatures, and believed themselvecs superior. We were viewed as above the land students but also not "true" sea creatures. At all times I wore a pair of large scuba-type swimming goggles, and the bubbles blown out through my nose would dance in front of my eyes.

I was celebrating Yule with [REDACTED]. We were at some sort of cafeteria gym place. I was overhearing her talk to [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] was talking about how she didn't really want to invite me because I wasn't friends with any of the other people being invited. After [REDACTED] watched off to do something else, I went up to [REDACTED] and told her to just tell [REDACTED] I wasn't coming. I didn't want to come anyway. I told her you're welcome and left.

Gf and I were exploring some town that had a bunch of amusement shit. I begged gf to go to the "horror emporium", a large house of horror DVDs and VHS with neon lighting on the side of the house with white siding. The letters were shaped to look like they were on fire. But she said no and led me to a big slide, one of the kinds you use a mat with, but also like a water slide. She began sledding down and I said I'd meet her at the bottom but then I accidentally got onto the slide too, without a body mat. I tried my best to get down the slide without using my hands since they'd get very burned from the friction.

There was a puzzle where I had to rech a long spouted watering can into a little opening at the bottom of two carvings of stylized angels to reveal the path to a chamber. The chamber was made of tan and red colored clay, with these same sort of stylized figures covering the walls. The main attraction was a tiny carved book, sitting on a pedestal. It was at the top of a square that was raised by a few steps, which itself was at the bottom of the steps that were in front of me. I scrambled down very fast, and begun to write in the book with a stone stylus. The letters I frantically wrote with no regard for them making sense began to form into words. As they did, a mass of diverse people poured into the chamber, surrounding me and silently watching me.



I was leaving school and someone had stolen my bike and rode it to the class I had just finished. Seeing my fucking bike I sat on it as people streamed out of the building, waiting to confront my bike thief as well as just see who had ridden the other cool bike that was locked up. The bike theif walked out, as well as another person with green hair with dark roots wearing a tank top. The bike thief asked me to get off their bike, and I said I bought this at the fucking bike shop this is my fucking bike. Knowing they stole it the bike theif turned around and went back into the building. I could hear them worrying about how else they were going to transport themselves. The green haired person got on their bike and struck up a conversation with me, flattering me I think. We began riding together with the rest of the large group of biking students. At some point as we were riding, they put their right arm around me, kissed my left cheek, [REDACTED]. I laughed and said thank you but I'm taken, my girlfriend and I have been dating since middle school.

I was rollerblading through the mall [REDACTED]. I went through a Barnes and Noble and was shouting asking when it had been closed down, what was going on, etc. The employee told me it was because of the virus and was getting right up in my face without a mask on. I yelled at her about it and backed up but she continued to move forward and get in my face. [REDACTED] and bladed away. I started following another [REDACTED] rollerblader while another [REDACTED] rollerblader was following behind me out of sight criticizing [REDACTED] and pointing and laughing. I told them it's embarrassing that they care that much about someone else's appearence and they moved on to criticizing the person in front of me. We got outside to the parking lot and the person behind me rolled past. I saw a bug in the grass that was shaped kind of like a bigger thicker hex bug with wings. It was clear.

A neighbor beagle kept getting through its broken chain link fence into our yard. My mother told me to fix their fence because the neighbor said the beagle was hurt from pushing through it so I went to the garage to grab heavy things to put in fron tof the broken areas. [REDACTED]...?

I was waiting for my dad to drive me somewhere and I didn't hear from him or see him in the house for some reason. I [REDACTED]. We started leaving the house [REDACTED].

Was on research team at an empty McDonald's with [REDACTED] and maybe one or two other people. [REDACTED] made some chives mad and was talking about their experiences with food.

I was in a coven of vampires at a school where our cover was a group. I was climbing up a slide thing in a gym trying not to be seen by a big group of vampire hunters who werell like guarding the room. I equipped a sniper rifle type thing and crouched to increase my stealth. [REDACTED] but there were like 5 of them so they all swarmed me. One tall blonde man had a knife like a scand dug it into my hand, it was horrible. I focused and "reloaded" msave from the base of the slide (A/N: this is a weird video game-y element present in some of my dreams, idk why, idk if it is lucid or not)This time before I could take my shots my coterie entered the gym followed by a leader from a pagan group at school. [REDACTED] was one of my coterie members.

Me and two children, maybe they were mine maybe they weren't, were running around playing with a ball and a big bull. It was very scary, as the bull was very big and energetic about it. As we we met up with someone I guess I was friends with, who joined with the bull. Eventually they tried to throw or kick the ball very far away to get the bull to just play by itself, and during this a machine that could paint a captured image captured an image of them and painted it. They looked perfect, in a tiny fur bikini and an ushanka. They asked me what we should name the perfect painting, [REDACTED].

I was going to an academy for supernatural beings I think, and my little friend group went into the nearby downtown to hunt for food. One of my friends found someone to drink, but in the process a werewolf found us. Everyone else stayed back, my one friend and potential lover even going so far as to try to [REDACTED] as this skirmish was happening. She has a black bob and purple lipstick. She was [REDACTED]. My other friend and potential lover who I assume was Gangrel went berserk. She went outside by scrambling through a window and fought the werewolf, flayed the skin on its head like a flower.

I was doing a murder mystery LARP thing. I don't remember the first one but I remember just starting the second one. Certain rooms could be locked, lock once to enter, have enemies etc like a video game. This second adventure seemed to take place in a sort of BDSM love hotel for vampires. It was fancy and the walls and stairwell were made of brown carved wood. At the bellhops desk was a big black candle burning. As I was the first to enter that room, I appeared first on a little magic/automatic room tracking thing which was new to this one which displayed the amount of people in the room. Photographs and paintings covered the walls.

Mom had signed me up for a soccer class and I was furious, insisting she had done it without asking me but she insisted she asked and I said yes. [REDACTED] was there reading some textbook for his college classes and I asked to see it and flipped through it.

Among other not remembered things like exploring a friend's place of work Chuck E. Cheese and being chased by two vicious dogs, I was on campus with [REDACTED] and I was doing my usual listening to him and trying to be supportive while not caring about him in the slightest. I left that class and met up with [REDACTED], When we went into our respective stalls and I came out, there was no one else in the bathroom. Instead there was only one of my professors, but he looked a bit unnatural. He told me to look into one of the mirrors and I did. Inside the mirror was some sort of spirit, a dark-skinned man in 1700's noblemans clothes. He [REDACTED]. I began to cry.

I had an art professor who was giving a lecture on color theory. I was laying down on my desk and [REDACTED]. Somehow things became okay and I was in his other place of work, a tattoo parlor, to get a tattoo done by him. I showed him a picture of another tattoo he had done, of two fairy girls, and said I wanted something like that.

I was watching a bi (A/N: There are no further details recorded)

Me and some sort of coworker friend were hanging out in her apartment. We heard a sort of ticking noise below us that we interpreted as [REDACTED] and had a little laugh until we noticed the sound followed us. But then the music started. The person below had began playing a beautiful cello piece. (A/N: this was Bach's Cello Suite No 1, which was in my head from watching Evangelion with mom I think.)

I went to someone's house for a sort of divination reading. They did this reading by making ash out of a long match in a little long wooden dish that looked kind of like a boat. The ash was then rubbed with their finger over impressions of the moon, and the ash would catch in certain areas, creating different phases. I only remember the last of the 3 moons, which was the new moon. They said that with the new moon showing up they wanted to do some sort of healing or protective work over my body, which I agreed to. I laid my body down on a big long table and they massaged me. They said they were glad I [REDACTED].


Nightmare that I was trying to drive my parents somewhere at night but it was pitch black and I kept not being able to get out of drive and kept hitting cars as I tried to pull out of my parking spot.

I was acting as a tour guide for some sort of meat processing facility, and it was my first day on the job. One of the things we saw was a point in the process labeled "blinking meat". The meat was in a huge pile of condensed cubes, and they seemed to breathe, circles of fat seeming to form eyes that squished in blinking motions. It disgusted me so much I keeled over and vomited. I approached some higher ups at a table to ask if they could send someone over to clean it up. They said sure and asked if I was talking to the other tour guide, she had disappeared some time earlier from our group so I said no. They said alright and as I walked away I overheard them say it was good we weren't talking as the other tour guide would warn us about the pit. It turns out the tour is a big ploy to get the group of people to jump in a pit so they can be processed into meat, and the other tour guide had figured it out. Some time later I was escaping with two men, one running ahead and one running behind, all of us holding hands. We passed a "fairy shrine" which looked like a small Greek temple. A voice called out to me from it.

I was filling out a survey for a class, and it [REDACTED]. I got into a huge argument with this professor, and students were even chiming in and someone [REDACTED] and they giggled at me. The professor followed me out into the hallway and said they were going to give me a 0 on my final assignment, and were reporting me to administration. I said I was reporting them too.

I was in some sort of classroom setting and walked up to three boys who were sitting together silently on the same side of the table as I rounded the table I noticed they [REDACTED]. I asked why [REDACTED] and they [REDACTED]. After the class was over one of the boys approached me and said I was invited to "The Council", which is what they called the gathering of their friend group at his house. He said even his sister and grandma (I assume that is who else would be at the house) wanted to meet me. He grabbed my hand and took me inbetween two buildings which transported us to this sort of liminal underground system of travel through the Earth that was very fast. As we ran we passed strange figures and alleys with vending machines. He told me not to look at anyone. Eventually we found his sister, who was much younger than him, maybe 8 years old. Then he confessed to me they were both not human, and showed their true forms. He reminded me of a spotted gecko, but his siter looked like a different species of gecko I guess. Their patterning and coloration was different.

There was a massive cow that wanted into my house. She pushed her whole body on my house's back door, and I let her in and she came barreling inside. I also got a new phone, which had little silicone grippy bits on the sides, was more ergonomic, and had a little short rubberized stub of an antennae. It was the new iPhone? It was so cute.

There was a little white kitten that for some reason we had to keep from getting into the house. As we walked into the house from the back door it would run and try to get in, so I had to grab it and place it far away from the door and then run to the door to beat it there.

I was going through Disney's Haunted Mansion with gf. It had been renovated so half of it was like this walk through attraction of hallways of statues of Majima? The other boys had 1 statue each too, but Majima had a lot more.

I was a Toreador vampire in a big mansion trying to get these vampire hunters to come with me so I could kill them. At some point they were all really trying to get me and I crashed through a window to the interior courtyard, swung on the courtyard's tree branches, crawled through the other side's windows, and sort of like glided down to the ocean front where some sea lions were playing. I thought that if I could just go into the ocean they wouldn't follow me. Some girls came after me and they seemed friendly so I just sat petting the sea lion and one girl had blood on her chest, like she had slumped over and drooled it. She asked me if there were any other vampires in the house and I laughed and said no. She revealed to me that her and her friend were Garou.

I had a dream that all my details were found by someone. She was known for doing this and had some sort of wiki. I went over to her house and thought that I was successfully befriending her. Suddenly her boyfriend showed up and she yelled at me to hide in the bathroom. Note [REDACTED]. I got into the back, sitting sideways, my legs bend and pressed against the wall of the bathtub. He eventually came into the bathroom and said he was going to take a shower and pulled the curtain back, exposing me. I expected him to be furious, but he said something about like [REDACTED]. I got up and we all walked out of the bathroom. [REDACTED]. I went home and some time passed and suddenly the girl, who I assumed was my actual friend now and not going to doxx me anymore, sent me a survey which was a like template filled out with my personal information but also required me to answer two joke sliding scale questions. I admitted defeat and just answered them. She then doxxed me, and made a sort of lolcow video about me. Her boyfriend also made a video making fun of me, [REDACTED] and I thought because of that he would defend me. Also, while I was at their house and stuff [REDACTED].

I went to Build a Bear with gf. They had a ton of stuff, including little Pokemon lego type things. They also had a Club Penguin clay thing that needed to be fired before you bought it. Gf and I looked at the little Pokemon things but I needed to go to the restroom so I walked down the hallway and went inside. When I tried to close the stall sliding lock, it was spring loaded so that it would not stay slid over.

I was playing a new MMORPG with gf. It had special limited time The Shape of Water quests. I was a wizard cat and we were really underleveled for the area we were in, we were getting attacked by wolves and birds swooping at us.

Something about [REDACTED]. I got together with gf and Mom to make sure I was safe and felt confident enough to [REDACTED].

I was exploring a bunch of different world with gf, Mom, and Dad. First were [REDACTED], who we mostly [REDACTED] but [REDACTED]. Next were the UFO's and this land was more like the car was pinball. [AN: I have no idea what that means.]

Me and gf met an alien. They were dressed like Benson but with a blue head. Gf had a knife and I had a long needle and we were popping the head over and over again like a balloon, which would reveal a smaller head underneath, until I popped it a few times and all that was inside was a few crystals. Gf was able to still talk to the connoisseurs [AN: ???] that had been possessing the body using the crystals.

Horrible nightmare where [REDACTED] through a sort of train station [REDACTED] for two weeks.

In some Spongebob themed world I was in a car ride with Papa, Dad, and someone else. I had told them to save before we left, and they did. As we drove we came along a cliff side part with no railing and it was raining and Papa started drifting like in Mario Kart but then the car lost grip and started spinning and we fell off the cliff. I grabbed [REDACTED]. Everything was dark because it was night and storming and we were tumbling and suddenly I was impaled through the stomach.

I was [REDACTED]. I caterwauled and nobody came to help me as all the classroom doors shut.

I was in some sort of office building lounge when [REDACTED] and two other people walked in. This [REDACTED]. I found myself in the den of some secret society and they wanted to initate me into their organization. And their organization was based on the study and fighting of demons but not the Christian demons the word was just used to mean like extradimensional/supernatural malevolent entities. And in order to be initiated into the organization I had to consent to putting on this like magical VR headset which had simulations they made of different demons they had fought and I had to go through 9 different simulations. And [REDACTED] was the leader of this and he told me like once you put this on there is a high chance you will mentally break because of the horror of its contents and your mind will never recover do you still want to put it on. And I said yes. So I put it on and got through like half of the simularions which were my brains like worse possible imitations of like clickbait scare videos. They were terrifying. I tried to unfocus my eyes and think about other things for the duration of most of them and was crying profusely. While these weird entities danced and jeered in front of me in these psychedelic scary environments. I tried to just focus on the thinking that I had the strength to kill these things and if they were real that I was the one in control. One of them was this floating entity made of a flowing seemingly empty cloak with a blunt square White Castle ass trim. Its head was like some sort of prey-animal skull. Another entitiy was in the same cloak, but with a different head that I don't remember. Both of those figures appeared to me in a sort of shifting red atmosphere. Another entity was this hunched figure with piercing eyes and blue claws that would scuttle all over a very dark room. The worst entitiy was a floating head whose only noticable features were its wide grin and piercing wide eyes. Around the eyes and around the head was a sort of fiery halo... not fire, but shifting like it. A darker red, not orange/yellow. When I tried to turn my head or move my eyes off of it, it would pop up in front of my line of sight. And after that my willpower was strong enough and I was able to pull the headset off and they congratulated me and I took a needed break and then did 2 more simulations that I don't remember. I don't remember anything else after that.

A fascist group dropped a nuclear bomb on my area. I ran very fast away as fast as I could until I thought it was pointless and just hunkered down with Dexter to die. As I did propaganda was blasted over speakers and pushed in front of me by people in protective suits. I passed out. When I woke up I realized me and Dexter had survived. The fascists congratulated me on surviving and grabbed me and started to take me somewhere.