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Good day with girlfriend today. I was worried that the Xulane was going to totally mess me up physically, but since that short stint of headache and nausea the first and second days after putting on my first patch, I have felt totally fine. College has been really stressing me out, gf suggested I go see therapist again. Haven't been able to keep up with this website and add new things because of it. I still have part of that one assignment to do, and it's fucking bothering me... I have to list who I am going to interview but it has to be someone a) at the university and b) someone I don't know well so fuck me...!!! It's due the 9th so I'll just try to force myself to do it tomorrow. Hope my wax seal stuff gets here soon, I need it for my surprise for my friends to celebrate the end of our VtM chronicle. I still need to write and send out the letter for the cult letter exchange, I think I am going to transcribe some stuff from my grimoire or something.

Fucking hate college. Talked to my advisor about next semster's classes, gonna do 13 credit hours instead of this semester's 14. I know I'm still going to want to die from it, but idk. Just wanna make paper and candles and shit and drop out.

Became a member of the Satanic Temple since I'm scared about the elections coming up and my right to abortion and right to refuse bullshit like waiting periods and counseling (shit is already very fucked in my state, and will probably only get worse). Their Satanic abortion ritual is protected by religious liberty laws. A membership card and certificate would be fun, but I don't want Mom freaking out on me. Although I am very deeply theistic and superstitious, which the Temple is not, I need some legal backup with stuff like this. I also really admire the work they do, and agree with their tenants, so.

Today was okay, Until like 13:00 I felt like total shit. I have some homework to do, so I felt guilty and shit. Hanging out with my gf helped me blow those feelings off though. She got supplies to make Halloween brownies, and I got a chocolate bar and some double chocolate chip cookies, so everything's gonna be alright. If I do end up staying with corporate art bullshit college bullshit shit shit shit, maybe I should work designing packaging. It's the only facet of that kind of art I can actually admire. But I don't want to do that shit. I want to drop out and make paper and soap and candles and maybe do online sex work. God, can you survive off like 5 odd self-employed jobs? I hope so.