You stand in the center of a grove.

You have come here to get away. Maybe you are sad. Maybe you are tired. Or maybe you're just bored. Regardless, you have a choice to make. You can't just stand here forever.

The many paths surrounding you fight for your recognition
with their sights, smells, and sounds.

What captures your attention?

The symphony. You hear music more beautiful than you thought possible. Lights appear at your feet leading deeper into the wood.

The silhouette. In the distance, nestled into the mountains, is a dark castle. In the window stands a shadowy figure.
Wait, are they looking at you?

The singing. Along with the crashing waves of the nearby rocky shore, you hear a heavenly song. There is something in the water.

The cave. Beyond a few trees covered in gouges, there is a den. A trail of red meanders on the rocky floor, as though something was dragged inside.